Welcome Violin Friends to All About Violin!

Here at All About Violin.com we try to explore music education, and the importance of music in the growing mind of a child. Music in general help develop the growing child's brain on both sides at once. For a child to learn how to play the violin takes a lot of committment from child, parent and teacher.

All About Violin is devoted to those that play the violin, those that love the violin and everything in between. Within this site you will find articles written by fellow violin players to help motivate, or solve problems. Feel free to add your own insight or experiences.

My Local Resources pages are exactly what they say they are-a huge resource for violinists for your local area.

What you will find:

  • Violin Teachers
  • Small Ensembles
  • Orchestras and other large ensembles
  • Violin shops
  • Scholarships
  • Job Opportunities
  • Music camps/festivals
  • Other local organizations that help with music funding
  • Colleges and Universities that have excellent music programs
Please be patient with me while I work on this. Each state takes so long to add because there is so much information to add. If you have anything specific to add to an area, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If electric violin is what your after, then you have found your destination. Find advice on what electric violin manufacturer is best for you and your needs.

You can see a list of qualified violin teachers. Each teacher has lots of experience teaching at all different levels. We encourage you to contact the teachers to meet with them and discuss your goals for your violin lessons. Each teacher has a personal style. You should meet with several teachers to get a feel for how they might approach teaching violin lessons. You can also see our Guide to Selecting the Best Violin Teacher for you. .

In our Musicians for Hire section, you can sign up to be on our list of groups that we refer out.

Coming soon, I will be adding a new service to this site. I have come to the conclusion that I must be very proficient coming up with good fingerings. I have had lots of professionals (my stand partners) tell me that my fingerings saved them in difficult passages. I have helped many of my students that would bring me pieces from orchestra class where they had been given a fingering that they couldn't play (from the professional coaches that come in the help out). But I would figure out a new fingering for them where they could play through the difficult spot. I have not figured out yet exactly how I offer this service but with all the feedback I get on how good my fingerings are I figured I should be able to help more than just the local people around me. I will keep all of you updated.