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We teach Violin, Piano, Voice, Guitar

Instructors at Melody Music Studios are degreed instructors or have many years training and experience. Most instructors on staff at MMS have taught at least 3 years before joining.

Approach to teaching: MMS offers traditional and by ear lessons, including suzuki. Our by ear training goes deeper then the normal suzuki method, where we include theory and improv. We also offer all styles and let the student choose what they want to learn at the pace he or she wants to learn.

Melody Music Studios was founded in 1989 by Kathi Kerr, who teaches piano and voice. She began hiring instructors to take her over flow of students and added all instruments. In 2001, she expanded to cities across the country.

Use this form to contact Melody Music Studios for information on rates, class info, and get qualified violin teachers. Once you submit your info, their contact information will automatically be emailed to you. Please contact us if you don't get it.

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