Arcadia String Quartet

We are Arcadia String Quartet. Our string quartet can enhance your special occasion. We play many different types of music: classical, jazz, pop, or we can just be background.

We play for weddings, anniversaries, parties, banquets, restaraunts, silent auctions, family gatherings, trade shows, special business functions, grand openings, or anything else you can think of.

Our rate is very reasonable. We have a great sound. We provide our own equipment. It can be an indoor or outdoor event. We can play for several hours, or for a short time. We can be the main event, or provide a nice atmosphere for mingling. We have 2 violinists, a violist/violininst, and a cellist in our group. If you prefer a smaller ensemble we can also play string trios, duets, or solos.

We can give you a personal consultation to help you choose your music, or you can listen to our selections. We certainly take requests if you have them.

Listen to a sample of our music here.

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