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Merissa Sobha plays and teaches: Violin, Electric Violin, Viola, Piano Educational background: Currently attending Hofstra University Teaching experience: I've taught several students from ages 7 to age 25. Performance experience: Played at Dowling College University Hofstra University, Suffolk community college a well as weddings and other private venues. Methods of choice and approach to teaching: I believe music should be from the heart and an extension of one's self. I focus on the development of technique and expression to create a well rounded and passionate musician. I am a big believer in scales and learning through music.

Merissa, also known as the Ninja Violinist, is currently a student of Hofstra University with a drive and determination to be the best violinist around. Born March 10, 1990, she's a young talented musician who loves to share the joy of music with everyone. As a child, her family noticed her natural ability and ear for music while she was banging away at an old Casio keyboard. They noted that she was able to make up relatively complex melodies and harmonies at the age of 4.

When she went to school in Queens, she was involved in a highly specialized public school devoted to the fine arts. Among Dance and Choir, she began to study music and the violin intensely. Her love for music propelled her progress in the instrument to extraordinary heights.

She moved at the end of her fourth year in the school to Long Island where she had to wait three years to study her instrument further. In the 7th grade she joined the orchestra, however most of her prowess had been lost in the process of moving. Determined to be a fantastic musician she practiced five hours every night. Until she felt she was back at the level that she was before. She continued to progress and excel under the tutelage of great instructors.

One day, her Global Studies instructor nominated her to play for the Links Organization at Suffolk Community College. This would spark the thought of having a solo career later on. After her stunning classical performance, she was invited a year later to play once more at Suffolk Community College.

At this time, she was the second violin principle in her school orchestra, studying hard and performing in school concerts. At the second Links event, a freelance photographer and creator of SGIB Magazine Gerard McLeod wanted Merissa to play in his fundraiser. The fundraiser was to help restore an old building on East Main Street. The fundraiser was a pizza eating contest held over the summer time. The Merissa and the coordinators stood outside with signs and talking to people while they were stopped at the light (from the sidewalk of course) and invited them to the event that was sponsored by Papa Johns. Gerard hosted the event and brought in several other artists to entertain the crowd.

Since then she has played in several high caliber orchestras such as the Long Island Senior Symphony Orchestra, Dowling College orchestra and Hofstra University's Symphony Orchestra. She's also been teaching all over Long Island.

I chose this instrument because of my love for music. I love the voice of the violin, it's ability to express exactly what I'm feeling when I'm feeling it as well as it reminds me of my own voice. I believe I'm a great match for students in general because I love what I do. The violin isn't just an instrument to me, it's become my voice and outlet when I need one.

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