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Find professional musicians for Delaware. Orchestras, string quartets, violin teachers and other music ensembles.  Use the forms below to get contact information for groups in Delaware.


You can also find job opportunities and post your resume or other information if you are looking for a job.


If scholarships if what your are after, then this is the place.  You can search for a scholarship and get contact information for it.


Violin shops are also listed.  We all need work done, or maintenance.  And when the time is right, we need to purchase new instruments.  You can find a shop near you to meet all your musical needs.



If you want to post something on these local resource pages, but don't want your personal identifying information shown, please let me know.  I can always have inquiries sent to you and it will be up to you to contact the interested party.



Violin Teachers


Learning to play violin is a very gratifying pursuit.  It is difficult, but once you get the basics down, the fun never stops!


Our violin teachers are interviewed and qualified to be able to teach expertly on their instrument.  If you want to get violin playing basics, look no further.  We check references and their history.  We make sure they have received the proper education. 


Learn how to play a violin with ease.  You can get basic violin lessons, or advanced if you have already played awhile and are just looking for a new teacher.  See our Finding A Good Violin Teacher page for some excellent tips on finding a good violin teacher. 


Each teacher has their own violin methods they use.  If you prefer something specific, be sure to discuss this with the potential teacher.  Some teachers are more suited to give violin lessons for kids, while others may prefer adults.


We have both Suzuki and traditional teachers.  Just indicate on the form which type you would like.


Find A Violin Teacher in Delaware

Become One Of Our Highly Skilled Teachers



Small Ensembles


For your special occasions, we have many types of small string ensembles, and other types of ensembles including strings.  Each of these groups play different types of music, including classical, jazz, pop, country and hard rock.  You should consider what type of event you have, and what atmosphere you desire.  Then you need to figure out the role that the ensemble will carry on.


While contacting the group’s event coordinator, be sure to ask the groups specialty, and of course rates.  If it is important to you to have special requests, be sure to bring this up as well.  Some groups could charge a higher fee to arrange a new piece of music that is not already arranged for their ensemble type.


Find A Small Ensemble in Delaware

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Violin Shops


We also have relationships with violin shops in Delaware.  Each of these shops perform different functions. 


Some might provide online violin sales or in store sales, some give advice about buying a violin. 


Others might offer violin repair and bow rehairing.  Some are into violin making.  Still other can do violin restoration. 


Look for the specialty shops that are electric violin manufacturer, or offer electric violin sales.


If renting a violin is what you’re after, be sure to request a shop that offers violin rentals, because some do not offer this service.


Some shops might do a combination or all of these services.  If you require a specific task, it is best to let us know so we can direct you to the best location for your needs.


Find A Violin Shop

List A Violin Shop Here                                                                                                                             




Orchestra and Other Large Ensembles

Delaware has a wide variety of orchestras and music ensembles.  There are full symphony orchestras both large and small, chamber orchestras, pop orchestras, baroque ensembles and many other types.


We have listed information for the orchestras in Delaware.  Each orchestra has their own requirements for auditioning, joining, or being on their sub list.  We have included an email address for most of the orchestras.  Some also included audition applications or other pertinent information for you.  Those links are provided if we have them. 

Find an Orchestra or Large Ensemble

List an Orchestra or Large Ensemble here




Job Opportunities


Have a Job Opportunity to Post? Post it here where violinists are looking everyday for employment or gigs.  Post your ad today!


Don't worry, I will not post your personal identifying information on my site. I will post your background and what type of work you want. I will send any inquiries to you and it is up to you to contact the interested party.



Violin / Fiddle player wanted for established professional on-stage Productions:


Name of business or organization: John W. McGrath Productions
E-mail Address:
City: Mount Holly
State/Prov: New Jersey

After many years of successful performance we are now expanding the instrumentation of our shows with the addition of a Violin / Fiddle player. Our on-stage performances encompass more than 17 different acts, are known worldwide and very well established, and have been performing for 26 years at only the finest hotels and venues. The music ranges from traditional to international, to the most prolific national (not political) pieces, and is extremely broad in scope. We are looking for someone who shines on stage. This is definitely an opportunity to grab the spotlight while performing with a serious professional and entertaining production. Creative input from the performers is not only encouraged, but is expected, as we are at our best when every performer is engaged.

With performances from Philadelphia to Broadway and Washington DC, and more, we offer an opportunity for a performer who exudes professionalism in all aspects, who loves entertaining people, and having a ball at the same time.

The proper performer will bring professionalism across the board in respect to not only the performance and musical requirements, but also with respect to preparation, reliability, and punctuality, as well as all of the requirements necessary to produce top level professional productions. The candidate will be able to rely likewise that all members of the cast(s) will be expected to meet such professional standards, thus complimenting and supporting the candidates own individual efforts.

This is a unique opportunity offering ongoing work throughout the year. A great deal of the work falls on days and times unlikely to conflict with other performance work you may have. The vast majority of performances are scheduled with great advance notice. This is an opportunity to add significant work to what you already have, whereas everyone else wants you at the exact same time.

All of our acts require our performers to be performing on their feet, and are fully choreographed productions. The proper candidate should understand we are a "Performance Company", and the candidate should be prepared to be an on-stage, choreographed, musical "Performer". We do not sit on chairs.

The current long term performers and production staff bring a list of credits, a level of musical and performance knowledge and capability, in each of their respective areas of expertise that is beyond reproach, and truly held by their peers, clients, and audiences, to be nothing short of world class level.

* Long term performance work with excellent compensation.
* Performances in Philadelphia, NY (Broadway), Baltimore, Washington DC, and Boston.
* Average audience size 2,000 - 3,000+, composed of high end professional organizations spanning the globe that love what we do!
* Unlimited potential for more work.
* Rehearsals: South Jersey on Monday afternoons. (1-1/2 miles off Exit 5 of Jersey Tpke.)

* South Jersey on Monday afternoons and scheduled directly per upcoming
scheduled performances.

The candidate must be a performer that recognizes that anything worthwhile requires the work to be put into it. If you're looking to do minimal work to grab the money, please don't waste your time or ours. We are serious about doing top level professional performance work, thus entertaining our audiences to a level that leaves them saying nothing less than, "Wow! That was amazing!", while simultaneously recognizing producing this level of performance is the only path to having more work.

The proper candidate is the person that knows the details are everything! That the details are accomplished with massive individual work, and without them, you've betrayed your audience as well as the rest of the cast, and yourself. The proper candidate knows when it's time to have something prepared, and they get it done without fail. If you want work, and you qualify yourself, we will put you to work. Be prepared to work very hard if you want the work and the spot in the show, and want to keep it should it be offered to you.
NOTE: Please respond via email. Viable candidates will be contacted to schedule a phone interview and audition. This is an immediate opportunity and prospective candidates should respond promptly in order to be considered. Thank you!
Pay. Please be as specific as possible.: per Performance
Time frame needed: Immediately, Open until filled.
* Solid Violin / Fiddle player with capability to really play!
* Stage Performance &/or Acting background a definite plus.
* Strong, professional caliber performer with solid work ethic that accepts nothing less than stellar results.

* Dance, marching or extensive performance background a plus.
* Reading and memorization capacity a must.
* Must have flexible schedule with advance notice.
* Must have a reliable vehicle.
* Must have a valid US drivers license.
* Must either be a US Citizen or have a Green Card, along with Social Security #, and/or Visa to legally work in the US.
* References required upon request.



Jobs Wanted


Are you looking for a job or opportunity? Can’t find what you are looking for above? Click here to advertise yourself.  Potential employers can see your qualifications and experience and contact you for work.




Universities and Colleges with Exceptional Music Programs  


Do you know of an exceptional music program within a college or university?  List it here so others can know how great it is.  It just might convince them to attend your university over another.    List your university or college here.


Do you need to find a university or college with an exceptional music program in Delaware, or another?  Ask us to help. Double your efforts and maybe we can find the perfect choice for your education.  Some universities specialize in certain programs or degrees.  We will help you decipher among all the many choices out there.






There are many scholarships out there.  But finding them is another story.  We try to collect all the many scholarships for violinists that are available and put them in one spot.  That way, you can focus on more important matters, like applying for them.  Some violin scholarships are for specific schools.  Some scholarships for violin players are for specific states.  Still, some focus on the type of degree wanted, or grades or other requirements.  We try to include all that information to make them easy to sift through.


If you cannot find the scholarship you need listed, let us help you.  Or you can visit our Scholarship Page, which lists several scholarships that aren't for a specific state.  Some of these scholarships are for multiple states.


If you are from a school, and would like to list your scholarship for violinists, please use the link below.  There are many scholarships that are difficult to find, so a little help is appreciated.  If you are student, and you received a violin scholarship and think we should know about it, you can also use the link below.  Please help us help each other.



If you would like to list your scholarship, list it here.






 Youth Orchestras and Other Educational Organizations


We strive to include all youth orchestras and other educational organizations in Delaware.  These are a very important part of a musical education. I learned many things about how to prepare for rehearsals, and what is expected of me, before I  was accepted into my first professional orchestra.  Some orchestras do not hold their musicians to a high standard, but I think most do.


Find A Youth Orchestra



If you help run a youth orchestra, then we want to hear from you.  Please tell us about  your orchestra and what sets it apart from others.  If you have links to the applications that we can post online, we will do that. 


List an Orchestra




 Summer Camps, Festivals and Institutes


We all look forward to the summers when we can travel to different places and meet new people.  Summer music camps are for forming new friendships, gaining new musical experience and just having fun.  I always enjoyed going to the same camps.  But I know there are a lot of you out there that want new camps, festivals, and institutes to try.


Find a music camp, festival, or institute for me!


If you have been to a terrific camp, festival, or institute, please tell us about it.  Tell us what you learned, and why you think others should attend it.  If you are part of putting on a summer music camp, festival, or institute, please list it below.


Post a great summer camp, music festival, or institute here.





Musical Support Groups and Organizations


These groups function in special ways in our communities.  They all hold different roles but in general are very useful.  Some give out scholarships while others may help to locate scholarships for you.  Some give funding for different events while others may give time.  Some help with other types of financial aid for music education.  Some can help professionals.  These organizations are a great help if you know about them and use them. 


If you are a part of one of these organizations, please list it below.  Or if you know about one of these then please help the rest of us know.


List a group here.


Find a Music Support Group or Organization in my area.





If there are any other resources that you think would be helpful for me to list on the state pages, please Contact Me!