Donate Money to a Worthy Cause-Music Education

Music education is becoming a thing of the past for most public schools. With the economy in the shape that it is in, we need to take action to ensure our young musicians can continue with their educations.

Classical music on the average is becoming a less-known art form. Audiences are dwindling, and musicians are less-trained. Some just don't have the financial resources to play. Did you know that intermediate violin players usually spend above $3000 for a violin. Most professionals have invested over $15,000 for their violins. A good majority of the best have spent well above $30,000. This is a lot of money!

There is usually only a few reasons that a person makes classical music their profession; because they love to perform, they love teaching it to the next generation, or both! Unfortunately, there are many factors in the decline of appreciation of classical music. But let's not allow poorly-trained musicians to be one of the reasons. Support music education. It does more than just give our culture classical music, which is also a link to our past. Please read on to learn about many of the different ways classical music can help our youngsters.

Why is Music Education so Important?

Here are some positive attributes that a person can develop while learning/playing music:

*helps to fight procrastination
*engaged in better activities
*teaches patience
*goal setting
*both sides of brain development
*sense of accomplishment
*they have something to turn to during difficult times in life
*lower drug use
*higher self-respect
*social experience
*develop skills needed for success in future careers
*live performance gives an empowering feeling, and learning to overcome fear and nerves of being in front of crowds of people
*high self-esteem
*relaxation and recreation
*become part of a group
*chance to earn college scholarships (see below)

I personally earned a full-ride scholarship all the way through my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and it all started with an elementary school string program. I would not have had many college opportunities coming from a single parent family with very low income. I cannot imagine my path in life if I did not have the musical base that I received during school.

After thinking about all the above, why would you not consider donating money to help the younger generations have a proper music education?

Here is a video of a young 3 year old boy

This young man,by the age of three, has a huge amount of talent. He has some characteristics of a major conductor and I think if given the right encouragement and training, could be conducting major orchestras withing a few short years! He can anticipate tempo changes, show dynamic changes, cue sections, and convey emotion. For me, these are the hard parts of conducting. It is easy keeping the beat (this comes from a professional musician, not a conductor). I hope you all watch this video. It would be a shame for someone like him to not get training he could use.

Parents of this little amazing boy-I would bet that if you found the right conductor in your area, your son might get the chance to conduct an orchestra right now. And wouldn't that be the thrill of his little toddler years? And not to mention the entertainment factor for all the audience, and orchestra?

Donation For Scholarship Money

100% of your donation will go to music education.

If you want to specify a certain source then please let us know. We sincerely appreciate your generosity, and so does the recipient.

Our staff works on a volunteer basis. If you would like to find out more about donating time or other resources in your local areas, please contact us. We will help you find ways you can make a difference.

Requests from Scholarship Applicants

I get a LOT of requests for scholarships. But I don't always have the funds to help them. Here are some of their stories:

Jennifer from Texas: I do not have financial aid but I am looking into getting a little extra money to continue my violin lessons. I've continue to learn what I know but without an instrustor there is no way of moving forward and advancing my studies. Im very passionate about my music and love what I play so it would be a great deal of it if i could keep going but with some professional help. I know that many others are passionate as well but for me I went from a beginner one year to playing 2nd violin in my chamber orchesrta the next. I've competed in all the compititions I could and even made a 1 in solo and ensamble my first year. It would really mean a lot to me if I could get some funding.

Zayda from Colorado: I want to study music and International Law/Diplomacy. I have been playing since 3r grade now I am a jr. in highschool. My mom lost her business on march, so we are short financially. I am looking for the most but now I don't have the money for audition My mom lost her business and I am a jr. in high school. My goal was to go to college but now I need to help economically on my house. I want to go to college study Music and Major in Diplomacy as well. If you can help I will love so.

I am a fan of JOshua Bell, as he came to my high school "Thornton High" and played with us.

Thank you.

Martika from South Dakota: I need this money so I could pay half of my tuition for college. Because I know I can't afford to go to any college because my parents don't make that much.

Mary from Illinois: My parents are unable to afford me to go to college, but I would like to go to college. So I need scholarship money so that I can go to college. Please help!! Thank you. I appreciate it.

Kellen from Kampala: hello, yes i do have a financial need. i registered in a music school almost two and a half months ago to learn how to play the violin but I've not started my classes as yet since the condition in this school is to first pay all the tuition fees before your given a tutor and i don't have the money on me as yet. Any help rendered will be highly appreciated. thank you

Amy from Michigan: My dad just lost his job, and he won't consider buying an electric violin for me.

Dustin from Mississippi: I'm trying to be independant by finding scholarships to pay for college other than breaking my parents bank account. I have played violin for 9 years and have been in many orchestra's throughout state. I hope to attend the university of southern mississippi in fall 2010 and study in music and pre-med.

Josee from Wisconsin: I am a very committed musician, composer and student. I teach private lessons, and as a high school senior, am already taking college courses at the University of Wisconsin-Washington County. I love music and wish to develop my passion the rest of my life and eventually pass it on the others.

Breun from Georgia: I am a second year college student, and I have been playing violin for the past ten years. I have taken out full loans to pay off each year of my schooling and it has become a hassle because I have had to pay back interest on each one of these loans. Being a full time student and having no job i have ran out of funds to pay back lenders with, and with my grandmother's home as the collateral on the line i could really use help and hope that me having played violin for so long it will help pull me out of this situation or at least help. I would love to be able to continue my education and hope you all can help, thank you.

Katherine from Pennsylvania: My father suffered a massive and debilitating stroke on April 14, 2008. My mother has just recently returned to working as she was forced to leave employment to care for him full-time. Since returning to work, she has hired a caregiver to be with him during the day. Even though he is recovering, albeit slowly, he is not expected to ever return to any kind of work. The whole ordeal has put a large strain on our family financially.

Marina from Kentucky: I have been playing the violin since age 5. My degree of choice is music performance. I have been accepted at two universities, one quite prestigious, but because of the economic situation at these universities, as is the case in most universities these days, there is less scholarship available for music performance students unless you have won an international competition. My brother is also a musician, cello, and he is now at the point in his music study where he will need a quality instrument to help him pursue his dream of also becoming a music performance professional. As a result, my parents finances are extremely limited. My need is $10,000 per year over the next four years.

Since I have learned to play the violin, I have wanted to share my talent with children around the world. Two years ago, I was able to make a humanitarian trip to Nepal. While on that trip I had a desire to take my violin with me to play for Nepali children who might not have ever heard a violin. It was difficult to carry my violin and my 30 pound backpack to 3,400 meters, though I am not a big girl, but I did it and I played my violin for about 30 Nepali children. I knew I made the right decision as they were pleasantly amazed and interested in the sound of the violin. We all danced and sang around the campfire sharing a new found love for the music produced by a violin.

Giving to others by sharing my talent is a way to increase the passion I have for the violin. By supporting my music performance education, I hope to further share my talent with those who are less fortunate materially. Who knows, even I may be able to create interest in someone who does not know their own talent for the violin exist.

First Name: Anna from Jemison What are your needs/wants/requirements for a scholarship? Anything else we should consider?: violin/pre-med - any amount

Caleb in Florida: What is your playing level?: Intermediate Do you have a financial need? If so, please describe. If you have any other reason that we might consider you for this scholarship, please list them here.: i am a high school senior and i need help paying for college.i also play trumpet in my marching band and are still getting violin lessons and if i got a scholarship i would be so happy and grateful for whatever you give me. :)

Lauren in Florida: What is your playing level?: Beginner Do you have a financial need? If so, please describe. If you have any other reason that we might consider you for this scholarship, please list them here.: I am a 12 yr. old honor roll student in 7th grade. My mom is a single mother who receives no child support. I would like to take violin lessons but my mom's salary goes to pay for our home, food and bills ... there is not much left over. My grandparents are retired and want to help but are paying a lot for health insurance and don't have anything leftover at the end of the month. Is there any hope that I will be able to get violin lessons?

Ruby in Washington: My son, John Robyn (15) has been attending violin school for 3-months and has to stop due to my abrupt unemployment. Where can we get scholarship grants so he can continue his instruction learning in violin and not to put into waste. Thank you for your help.

First Name: Kindra in California: What is your playing level?: Beginner This form is not for me but my daughters Tania and Laila. They have both been playing the violin now for 6 months. Their grandmother started their lessons and now I need to continue them. I have currently been in nursing school and working part time and now I am waiting for my liscence and not making enough to pay our bills and pay for their lessons. I would love for them to continue and they both enjoy their music lessons and that is why I am applying for this scholarship. Tania will be 6 and Laila just turned 3. In the past 6 months they have both greatly improved in their skill and their instructor has shown them more than just the violin. Tania can now read sheet music and play piano, drum and a base violin ( i think that's what it is). Laila is also playing piano and base violin.

Andrea in Texas: What is your playing level?: Intermediate Do you have a financial need? If so, please describe. If you have any other reason that we might consider you for this scholarship, please list them here.: I have been playing violin since I was five years old. I fell in love with the instrument and the music the violin created. Even though my parents have sacrificed a lot when providing for private lessons, it was not until this past year that we finally found an outstanding instructor. In the last year, I have improved significantly with this instructor. I have learned more with her than I have in the combined years of lessons. Her lessons run an hour long but due to the fact that my parents can not afford a full hour, I was able to receive half hour lessons from her. As a family, we sat down and decided to cut back on some monthly expenses. My violin lessons were part of the budget cut back. Even though, I practice my music every day for 45 minutes, I would love to receive lessons again this year from my private instructor. I have a long way to go and as much as I practice on my own , I am aware that I need professional guidance. I am a serious and dedicated student.

Megan from Indiana: What is your playing level?: Advanced I am trying my best to pay for college on my own. However, the tuition continues to increase, and the housing nearly doubled. Due to my parent's financial situation, they are unable to help me with these rising costs. I currently attend Valparaiso University in Indiana, and I work diligently to maintain over a 3.5 GPA, while maintaining my role as Assistant Concert Master of the University symphony orchestra. I would appreciate it so much if you would consider helping me financially in order that I may continue my education.

CECILIA from Dominican Republic: I'm a graduated student of Music Education in the University Autonoma of Santo Domingo in D.R, I play guitar and violin, and also other instruments, and I'm interested in a Master or a scholarship to prepare my violin to play for the Lord in the future. I will be so grateful if you send me info about this. Thank you and God bless you!

Rebecca from Illinois: I am currently looking for scholarships or grants that might help support my need to purchase a violin that will help me progress in my studies at my university.

Kille from Maine: What is your playing level?: Advanced. I do not have any other scholarships and have been working very hard to come up with the money for college. My mom has been taking out loans, trying to come up with the money to pay for me and my younger brother to get through college.

I literally have hundreds of these submissions each month. Violinists hoping to take lessons, enter a music school or buy equipment. But they don't have the funds to do so, and would really appreciate the opportunity to pursue their passion. I would ask anyone that loves classical music to help by donating even a small amount. If everyone donated $10, I would have enough to help out several of these apiring musicians.

Still Not Convinced?

Listen to the talk below on the influence classical music can have on a child's life. Then watch the video of the youth orchestra in Venezuela. I have heard some exceptional youth orhcestras perform, but this group is breath-taking!

After listening to both of the videos, no one can tell me that the influence of music and art in a child's life does not matter. I'll bet it mattered to this young conductor who went through this orchestra as a young violinist and now is one of the best conductors in the world, having the opportunity to conduct the LA Philharmonic.

Giving all children the opportunity to participate in great music and art is essential to their development, no matter what their economic postion. A majority of these kids probably would not have the opportunity to play an instrument, except these young people all receive financial help.

Itzak Perlman recently performed with this orchestra. here is what he said about the experience; “What’s absolutely fantastic is the intensity of the musical involvement of all the young people in the orchestra. It’s a pleasure for me to look at them and see how they're involved in what they’re doing.”

Now more than ever, with budget cuts, we need to take a stand and each of us needs to be responsible for doing our part to make sure this generation does not get the short end of the stick, just because of the economy.

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