Electric Violin

Finding an electric violin has never been easier! Here you will find all the latest brands available and what each has to offer. Plus you can research the different types of equipment you will have to get with it. Come back often, as we are adding to the site daily.

Electric Violin Makers and Manufacturers

These are in no particular order.

Zeta electric violins
Fender electric violin
Carlo robelli electric violin
Palatino electric violin
Maestro electric violin
Yamaha electric violins
Jordan electric violins
NS Design
Ted Brewer
Wood Violins

5 String Violins 6 String Violins 7 String Violins

NS Designs CR 5-String:

Generally a good instrument. They produce decent sound quality. You can usually get them fitted with custom components if desired. THis particular instrument is very easy to tune, and stays in tune, even in extreme weather.

Best Electric Violins

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