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Originally I was not going to include an area for International Resources because I feel I have enough to do with the Local Resources pages. But I have had a few submissions at this point, so maybe there is enough interest.

For now, I am just going to include submissions that I have. I am not going to try to find information to complete my pages. If you want to submit something to me for your country, you can still use the forms I already have on my site, but just be sure to make it clear that you are from another country and I will get you added to that area.

Violin Sales

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Private Violin Teachers

Mikhail Serov-Damascus Syria

Education: Mikhail Serov was born in 1979. In 1986 joined to music school. After it he continued education in the Music College (Nizhny Novgorod). In 2003 graduated from High Institute of Arts (Russia, Togliatty

Teaching experience: In 1997 Mikhail Serov became a teacher in Music School in Nizhny Novgorod, since 1998 worked as an artist of Togliatty Philharmonic Orchestra. From 1998 to 2000 working as a violin teacher in the Music school №3 in Togliatty 2000-2003 working as a violin teacher in a Music College in Togliatty / Russia 2000 – Mikhail is a winner of the Competition in Samara / Russia (2nd prize). In 2002-2003 Mikhail several times was taking part in master classes of prof. Moscow conservatory Sergey Kravchenko who was the guest-professor in the Togliatti High Institute of Music. In 2002-2003 Mikhail Serov performed in Germany and France as violinist in string trio. During the work in Togliatty Philharmony, Mikhail took part in lot of festivals as violinist in trios and quartets. From the December of 2003 Mikhail Serov was working in Music Institute of Damascus (Syria) as a teacher and playing in Syrian National Symphony Orchestra. From the October of 2005 Mikhail was working in Aleppo (Syria) Musical Institute as a professor of violin (contract of expert of musical education). From January of 2008 Mikhail was working in "House of Arts" (Al Ain. UAE) as a music instructor (violin teacher, conductor of chamber orchestra). From August 2008 Mikhail is working in Syrian National Symphony orchestra, also teaching in Russian Cultural Center and Music Institute in Damascus / Syria. Workshop with Syrian National Symphony Orchestra with Placido Domingo (2006) and Roberto Alagnia (2009) in Abu Dhabi.

Performance experience: In 2002-2003 Mikhail Serov performed in Germany and France as violinist in string trio. During the work in Togliatty Philharmony, Mikhail took part in lot of festivals as violinist in trios and quartets.

Amaya Martinez-Looking for a job

Name: Amaya Martinez Please provide information about the type of job you are looking for.: Violin, Musictherapy, violin teacher, music teacher, special education. Please list the pay level you desire.: 30000€/year If desired, list your background information.: PERSONAL DATA.

Name: Amaya Surnames: Martínez Mesa Nationality: Spanish Web:


.- Magisterio In the speciality of Primary awarded by the University of Salamanca in 2005 .- Magisterio In the speciality of Musical Education awarded by the University of Salamanca in 2005. .- Title of professor, Diploma of Instrumentalist, awarded by the School of Music Matisse when obtaining the same the category of official examiner of Half Degree .- Master In Musicoterapia cursado with the ISEP and the University of Vic.


.- Course in prevention of drogodependencias impartido by the Agency Antidrogas of the Community of Madrid. .- Participation in the International Courses of Music impartidos by the Upper Conservatoire of Music of Saint Lorenzo of The Escorial until the year 2000. . Working with the professor Clarence Myerscough, formed and component of the Royal Academy of Music of London.


.- Preliminary English Test awarded by University of Cambridge in his calm Madrid British Council in 1994. .- Half level of groins spoken and writing.


.- Level user in handle of the applications Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, From. page, power point,...), internet.


My labour profile has covered areas like the participation from the year 2003, in the Program of prevention of alcohol and drugs known like “Move you with us” to charge of the City council of Saint Lorenzo of The Escorial, the Schools of summer and the Plan of Improvement and extension of the educative services of the City councils of Saint Lorenzo and The Escorial teaching games, workshops, theater, music, improvement of school skills, work with conflictive students of the IES. The Escorial...With students of Primary and Secondary. Work from the year 2001 with the groups of “Music and movement” of the School of Music Matisse where have covered also several sustitutions with the students of the speciality of violin in Initial and Half Degree. Like active member of the Orchestra of Camera and Groups of Camera of said school have taken part in the concerts realized in the year 2003-2004 in the Palace of the Pardo and Church of Sta, María of the Head in the city of Madrid. Simultaneously, my participation has been active in the activities realized by the Childish Company of Theater of the school in works like “Animalarium” and “Adolescence” so much in interpretation like preparation of the same. Between other activities with this school, the destacable performance in the Expo´98 Lisbon and participation like member of the orchestra in the Courses of direction to charge of the Foundation Cristóbal of Moral. Other collaborations with the Foundation of the Field of Montiel, with the Orchestra of Camera City of Children and the Company of Farmyards and Comedies Theater, in the montaje of the work “Peter and the wolf” (S. Prokofiev). Have been active member of the Chorus of Altea (Alicante) and have worked during the course 2000-2001 in musical activities of the School of Music of said town. Work of musicoterapeuta during the course 2003-2004 with the association ASPACE in the city of Ávila, attending to boys that presented a cerebral paralysis severe. Work like musicoterapeuta during the course 2007-2008 and first quarter of the course 2008-2009 for the New Association Horizon in the attention of people adults with autism. Redactora Of Temarios of Oppositions to the Body of Professors of Secondary Education in the speciality of Music in collaboration with the Publishing CEP. At present play eventually with the Orchestra Sinfónica Chamartín in his concerts in the National Auditorium of Madrid. I direct the Workshop of musicoterapia during the pregnancy through the Area of the Woman of the City council of The Escorial. Work like professor of violin and musicoterapeuta in the Association Meridiano Cultural and the Municipal School of Musica of Cadalso of the Glasses.


.- Aficiones: The reading generally, the theater, the cinema, the social projects and of development, the trips and knowledge of other cultures. .- Availability to travel. .- Carnet To drive type B

Stringed Instrument Supplies

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