Interview With Joshua Bell

I was at the concert given by Joshua Bell in Portland Oregon on May 17 2009. While he was signing my CD, I asked him if he would give me an interview for my new website. At first he started to say how busy he was and it would be hard to do. But something changed his mind. I was able to talk with him for several minutes about my site. He told me to get in touch with his publicist to make arrangements. I am still in disbelief that he has agreed.

I have finally completed my interview!

I did my interview with Joshua Bell on October 12th.

Unfortunately, I only had 15 minutes. We talked a lot about his new CD and I am sorry to say I did not have much time for many of the questions you posted. There was a lot to discuss with his new CD and I think the interview was enjoyable anyway.

So here is the interview. I have to warn you that you will hear an audio tag throughout the interview. It is a little annoying, but try to ignore it I guess. You can still hear the interview pretty well.

For not knowing much about technology or html, I am pleased that I figured out how to get it on my site. It has taken a long time for me to get to this point. In the future, I will try to find another way to get this on my site without the tag. But for now, here it is...

Joshua Bell's new CD "At Home With Friends"

I am excited about this new CD. It features lots of music styles and could cross over to any genre so music lovers of any style can find something they like.

I particularly liked the jazz and latin music selections. I hope to ask him if he will ever do a strictly jazz or latin music CD.

Joshua Bell plays Yankee Doodle

I have played this too. At first it was my high school solo one year with the orchestra. But it is a fun piece and I eventually played it a lot of places. Haven't touched it in years though.

I heard him play this at the above mentioned concert for his encore. It was stunning! He embellishes a little.