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We strive to bring you the best violin teachers around. There are many teachers in each area usually. But only some qualify to be recommended by us.

We look carefully at their background, performing experience, teaching experience, degrees/certifications, and recommendations from past and present students.

Private teachers all have different approaches to music. Some like the traditional method, while others use Suzuki. Some might even use a combination of the two.

Each method has advantages and disavantages. You may want to research each type to determine which method might suit you the best. Although many of the articles I have read seem to carry the opinion of whatever the author feels, I think you will still get a good idea of what each method offers. Depending on what you feel is best for you or your child, you may want a teacher that uses certain methods of teaching.
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Benefits for you:

  • High visibility on a quickly growing website
  • Your own web page on our website, without the cost of a website
  • Ability to submit articles to help attract potential students
  • Qualified referrals looking specifically for you (Students read your biography and submit a request specifically for your contact information).
  • Some of the things we like to know about you are your experience in teaching, degrees you have earned, certifications (especially Suzuki) and any other information that will help us determine your credibility.

    Thanks for helping to keep our future violinists going!

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    Practice does not make perfect; it makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

    Add to this the difference between the amateur and the professional: The amateur practices until they get it right; the professional practices until they can not get it wrong