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Getting Rid of Performance Nerves

I have the worst case of Performance Nerves that anyone has ever had. I just can't seem to find anything that works for me. I have heard several ideas from others, like taking whole leaf basil tablets, and moving your bow a certain way. Does anyone else have any ideas here?

Memorization Techniques

I am actually good in this area. I have always had a good memory. I usually listen to the piece a lot, and often have it memorized before I begin playing. After I learn the notes, I memorize it before I fine-tune it. As I perfect it, I play without the music, so that I get used to playing without the music. Then when I perform it, I am used to having no music in front of me.

But I have heard a lot of other ideas. Like air-playing. Has anyone ever tried this? I am curious to hear your experiences with this technique.

Body Aches

I realize that by the very nature of what we do, we will have body aches. I usually suffer from extreme shoulder pain. But I am tired of taking pain reliever or baths or massage. Has anyone ever tried a different shoulder rest or another position altering piece of equipment? I would be interested in knowing about it.

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